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AirPods Review

January 2017

A review of Apple's new bluetooth earbuds which were released in December 2016.

My Thoughts On The iPhone 7

October 2016

My thoughts on the iPhone 7, approximately one month after receiving it.

Talking iOS 10 on the NCBI Technology Podcast

October 2016

Chat about iOS10 which was released in September 2016, on the October edition of the NCBI's monthly technology podcast.

My Home Screen Setup

July 2016

A look at how I have organised the icons and folders on my iPhone home screen, and my favourite apps.

The Apple Watch - One Year In

May 2016

One year after the release of the Apple Watch, I thought it might be a good time to take a look at how I have got on with this highly anticipated device since receiving it in May 2015.

My Month On Android

March 2016

For four weeks in February and March, I gave up my beloved iPhone, a platform I've been using for over six years, and tried my hand with Android instead. Here's how I got on.

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