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My Home Screen Setup

by David Nason, July 2016

In my recent post about a month spent on Android I wrote that one feature I preferred about that platform, when compared to iOS, was the home screen setup, and how you access apps and widgets. In addition I have recently read some articles from others, particularly on iDownloadBlog, about how their iPhone home screens are set up, so thought I'd throw my hat into the ring and outline my own iPhone setup.

The theory can be easier than the practice when it comes to my plan, but on the whole it works for me. In an ideal world I'd have two home screen pages, but the reality is that I have three.


Given that I have low vision, contrast is very important to me. I prefer to have a fairly dark background on my home screens, usually black with a hint of blue or red. This makes it easier for me to pick out the icons visually. Currently I am using "A close up photo of incredible iridescent blue bird feathers", which comes with iOS9.

The Dock

From left to right, I have the following important communication apps in my dock.

screenshot of home screen page one

Page One

Page one is where I keep all the apps I need on a day to day basis, or that I want quick hassle free access to whenever I need them. There are no folders on page one. I have a tendency to group apps of a certain kind together to an extent, but I'm not particularly strict about this policy. Starting in the top left, with four apps per line of course, the apps are as follows.

screenshot of home screen page two

Page Two

My second home screen contains a mix of both folders and apps. These are apps which either don't fit nicely into a folder or that I want pretty quick and regular access to, but didn't quite make the cut for page one.

screenshot of home screen page three

Page Three

My third home page is where you might say the system breaks down a little. I won't go through the list, but it contains various apps that I am either just trying out, or that I haven't yet decided what to do with. This will sometimes include apps which I am involved in beta testing too.

And that's my home screen setup. It's not perfect but it's working pretty well for me. I enjoy tweaking it, so it might look a bit different six months from now, but probably not drastically so.

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